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Grupo Detpon celebrates 27 years of exporting

Guatemala. Grupo Detpon celebrates 27 years of exporting excellent quality fruits and vegetables to consumers in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and Asia, which has allowed us to take our country's agriculture to another level, through its technological innovation and place the name of Guatemala on the global export landscape.

27 years have passed since a dream was born in the corridor of a house in Sumpango, Guatemala, with 14 women and 3 tables, and the first boxes of mini vegetables were packed and these were the first pounds that would define the path of what is today Detpon Group.


It has been a great learning and development journey, since its founder, Pierre Eugenio Dedet had the first idea. I was traveling on a cargo plane to the United States with mini vegetables produced in Guatemala. It is worth mentioning, that he was an aviator pilot and worked for an airline that he resigned despite being the best stage of his career, betting everything for one of the activities of greater movement and that currently support the economy of the country, the Agro !

27 years of innovating and implementing cutting-edge technology in export processes

Arlusa plant of frozen vegetables

Detpon Group, with its Arlusa plants of frozen vegetables and Pakil Awal of fresh vegetables, has been characterized by its innovation, creativity and for being one of the exporters with more growth in the technological area, in the labor area and also in the way in which the product is systematically handled since it is a seed and delivered to each farmer, until it is collected and put in a container on the way to the countries They receive each order with strict quality standards.

27 years supporting the development of Guatemalan families

Of that small agricultural group that met 27 years ago and were a technician and Pierre Eugenio Dedet with 5 tempted apples, there are now 13,000 farmers and their families who benefit from a job opportunity, training, technical assistance, support to produce and direct sale of its products worldwide.



27 years celebrating with Guatemala

This month, we want to celebrate with the Detpon Group, improvement, workforce, economic impact, progress, innovation and growth.

Thanking at the same time, for being in our country, one of the companies that work in the regions where many times, job opportunities do not reach and for opening the gap so that more farmers can improve with tools, education supporting their quality of life and be a fundamental, important and active part of Guatemala.

Pakil Awal, the leading brand of DetPon

DetPon was born in Sumpango, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala in September 1992. In 2006, it launched its leading brand of fresh Pakil Awal products, which in Mayan language means "sowers nest". And in 2011 he acquired his Arlusa plant to process frozen vegetables.

Company dedicated to produce, pack and export high quality fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits to the markets of the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe. We have managed to excel in the market distinguishing our activity with creativity, innovation and cutting-edge technology, but above all recognizing that our people are our greatest engine.

We are committed to quality, compliance with standards, standards and good manufacturing practices. In this way we guarantee our customers and consumers a healthy experience.